Reverse Graffiti

Clean and green – STREET WASH or Reverse Graffiti is a technique that incorporates a stencil of your design and a pressure washing cleaning system to ‘clean’ your logo or brand message into a dirty wall or street. This is a hugely effective and fully legal form of advertising. The eco-friendly concept allows you to hit your target consumers at street level. We find this form of advertising very eye catching and can be used to blanket an area over night.

Reverse Graffiti
We recommend 50-75 applications around a city/ town centre and can be done over a weekend, creating buzz and getting your message on the street!
  • 1. Agreement of Target Area
  • 2. Design Template
  • 3. Manufacture of template
  • 4. Template given to Street Wash Team
  • 5. Message successful Communicated

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