Pop Up Canopy

The right pop up canopy can really change the way you think about canopies and what they can do to enhance your outdoor advertising experience. The days of time-consuming canopy setup and take down are a thing of the past. Modern pop up canopies offer all of the protection and stability of conventional canopies but take a fraction of the time set up. This means that your time can be better spent on selling or entertaining your guests. Please take your time to browse though our various canopies and select the right one for you.

pop up canopy
  • Water resistant roof – Polyurethane backed
  • Printed on high quality polyester
  • 500D Fabric – ‘D’ is for denier which is a measurement of quality, 500 is way above average use.
  • Various sizes
  • Professional design available
  • Strong 1mm aluminium thickness
  • Adjustable entrance height: 1.80

Please check below for further details on sizes:

Ready to get started?

You will also have to think about a suitable flag base for the flag. Please contact us to discuss your unique requirements.