Advertising Services

We offer a variety of Advertising services at Radar Marketing. From Reverse Graffiti to radio advertising, we can help you build a memorable campaign that is truly effective in giving you a great return.

windrunner flag

Windchaser Flags

The Windchaser advertising Flag from Radar Marketing brings height, colour and movement to any business or free space you may have. They are simple enough to use and are available in all the styles you see below. We can print in full bespoke colour to any design that you may have. To order, simply contact us to discuss your requirements and we will do the rest.

backpack flag

Backpack Flags

Our Backpack Advertising Flags are lightweight, durable, and completely hands-free. This will allow the user to be more productive, hand out flyers and interact with the public at the same time as communicating your message. Thus saving you money on staff levels and raising quality.

flyers and posters

Flyers & Posters

Radar marketing offers a wide range of print products for any event. We work closely with production companies to supply print for the Edinburgh festival and other major events like music festivals and exhibitions. We literally print anything and can provide various finished and products.

rollup banner

Roll Up Banners

The Roll up banner is a high quality, mid range stand, perfect for long term and frequent use. We find that our clients like the roll up banner for using at Networking events and exhibitions. The lightweight display is easy to carry and goes up very fast.

Pop Up Banners

Pop Up Banners

Whatever the activity or industry that you are in, indoors or outdoors, our pop up banners will ensure maximum exposure for any piece of branding. Pop up banners are just that and can be set up in seconds with the minimal of effort. This system is so fast that we advise our customers to remember to peg them down if you are outdoors. The advert that is displayed on the pop up banner is made up by you and can be absolutely anything you want (as long as it fits in the size of the banner).

pop up canopy

Pop Up Canopy

The right pop up canopy can really change the way you think about canopies and what they can do to enhance your outdoor advertising experience. The days of time- consuming canopy setup and take down are a thing of the past. Modern pop up canopies offer all of the protection and stability of conventional canopies but take a fraction of the time set up. This means that your time can be better spent on selling or entertaining your guests.

tension fabric display

Tension Fabric Display

Text coming soon.

Reverse Graffiti

Reverse Graffiti

Clean and green – STREET WASH or Reverse Graffiti is a technique that incorporates a stencil of your design and a pressure washing cleaning system to ‘clean’ your logo or brand message into a dirty wall or street. This is a hugely effective and fully legal form of advertising. The eco-friendly concept allows you to hit your target consumers at street level. We find this form of advertising very eye catching and can be used to blanket an area over night.

selfie frames1

Selfie Frames

Radar Marketing offers selfie frames to customers in Edinburgh and throughout the UK. Our selfie frames are a great way to have interaction with your customers and leaving a long lasting experience. We love this display for events when attempting to engage customers on social media. Once customers have had an opportunity to get there photo taken with the selfie frame, they will upload and share your brand on social media platforms.

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